Our team

Our organization is based on business clusters, with motivated and experienced business managers, under the responsibility of the management team consisting of Joseph Chafey (Chairman of the Alliance Economie Group), Gil Fittipaldi (Head of agency AE75) and Valéry Lehoux (Head of agency AE Bretagne).

In 2016, we introduced mentoring as a new management tool. Our ambition is based on the transfer of expertise, the sharing of know-how and life skills, between a "mentor" and a "junior" within the same team.

In the face of technical and regulatory developments, we attach great importance to the regular training of our quantity surveyors. They are also trained on the evolution and use of BIM in their projects.

Thanks to this function, we guarantee the reliability of the results to all our partners.



Composed of 5 people, our “Price Studies” cluster includes a director of business and 4 quantity surveyors.

Our specialists are responsible for assessing the cost of building a project, both in the preliminary and upstream stages, which will serve as a basis for the development of the project.




Our team has 19 people: 1 technical director, 2 business managers, 14 quantity surveyors and 2 technical assistants.

We are committed to providing our partners with the right tools for decision-making and financial monitoring of the project.

Our asset is a technical mastery of the prescription description of closed and covered lots and architectural lots (under the direction of Annie Jory, Technical Director).

To achieve this,, we have created a structure which is adapted to each of our missions:
• A project manager who communicates with the client ensures the coherence of the study and avoids the dispersion of information. The project leader is the guarantor of the quality of our relationships and the relevance of our answers.
• A team of quantity surveyors, gathered around the project leader provides expertise on technical and economic aspects.




Cluster of 7 people: a business manager, 3 quantity surveyors and 3 technical assistants.

Our work team is specifically dedicated to the financial management of construction sites, including:

• Site Accounting
• Management of modifying jobs and service orders
• The establishment of a financial management scoreboard
• The economic balance of the site (Definitive General Account)

Our mastery of the signed contracts guarantees both the contractual respect of these and the respect of conception specks for all packages.

This system combined with the experience of our dedicated team, allows us to follow and anticipate the actions to be carried out without financial deviation.



The administrative division manages our company on a daily basis.

An in-house IT development specialist sets up tools in the form of dynamic cross-tabulations, a real added value for our projects. A partner of the BIM manager and the architect, the IT development specialist participates in the development of databases and digital models.

The Communication and Marketing department responds to application enhances the image of our company. We pay particular attention to our communication with our customers.

The modernization of our premises and equipment makes it possible to better welcome our customers and partners.

The Human Resources division focuses on recruitment, the growth of our new talent, on-going training and the implementation of the mentoring initiative.




Our management team combines experience and technical skills to train and animate all employees. They are personally involved in the success of your projects while respecting the values of AE75.