What we do.

We are committed to meeting all the demands of our customers with regard to quantity surveying.

Developer I Investor I Land owner

  • Project management assistance
  • Due diligence
  • Valuation of scenarios for requalification of assets
  • Feasibility and programming studies
  • Audit of competitions, design files (all phases)
  • Economic analysis studies
  • Arbitration (disputes / Client / Project Manager / Enterprises)
  • Assistance with procedures for tendering, analysis and negotiation of tenders
  • Financial follow-up of construction site
  • SmartEval

Designer I Architect I Customer

  • Estimation, analysis and control of project costs (at all stages of the project)
  • Preparation of the technical specifications for the architectural and closed and covered lots
  • Establishment of contractual documents for the consultation of companies
  • Tender analysis, negotiations, drafting of contracts
  • Financial follow-up of construction site

Our BIM competence

We position ourselves as a pioneer of the BIM approach in the quantity surveying.

All our quantity surveyors have received BIM training.

We assist the architect and the BIM manager in the development of databases and digital models.

Over more than 20 years, we have introduced a methodology specific to AE75 using our codifications in all our prescriptions. These codes can then be used as a basis for a digital model.

In addition, we have developed our own BIM charter: our protocol makes it possible to improve the exchanges between the participants in the design phase and the implementation phase (architects, consultants, moderators, companies, etc.).

Today, a big part of our live projects are developed as part of a BIM approach.