About us

Our Values

"Our values ensure economic and technical consistency while respecting the ambitions of the Client and the creative energy of the Architect”.

  • We implement our own methodologies and continuously develop tools for projects.
  • Our independence is a guarantee of impartial arbitration in case of divergent approaches.
  • Being at the edge of architectural, technical, normative and regulatory developments is a key component of our role as a quantity surveyor.
  • We prioritise human relationships, both with regard to our customers and the management of our collaborators.
  • We are vigilant with respect to the ongoing nature of the projects and ensure the technical quality of our work.

Our key figures

Our executive team


Joseph Chafey is the Chairman of AE75, AE Bretagne and Alliance Economie.

Trained architect and rugby enthusiast, Joseph Chafey founded AEI then AE75 in 2008 with Jean Dominique Boucher and Christian Bellemere. Both AEI and AE75 are independent firms specialized in quantity surveying.

Joseph’s personal vision of the quantity surveying puts the needs of the architect and the client at the very centre, generating added value thanks to a proprietary methodology which combines budgetary rigor, project development and technical know-how.

Determined to be a pioneer in the evolution of the business, especially BIM since its emergence, Joseph prefers to train the AE75 team to accompany major private or public projects, which are the prerogative of the agency.

Today, with a staff of more than 40 people, 20 years in business and the experience of 500 projects, AE75 is proud to work as a true consultant to clients, architects and consultants.

Joseph Chafey is committed to meeting the expectations of each partner client, but also strives to challenge them on the golf course during high level meetings.

Architecte DPLG - Qualification O.P.Q.T.E.C.C. : E.I. – A.M.O. - Membre de la RICS


Head of agency

Gil Fittipaldi is the head of agency of AE75 (Paris) and associate since 2015.

Passionate about construction, Gil began his career in 1981 as a construction manager at an SME, and joined the Vinci group in 1986.

In 2001, he decided to begin a new adventure and joined the Architecture Agency SCAU and the project management team. He is involved in all aspects of the projects, from the upstream phase (studies) to their realization, and became Director of Finance and Construction Management.

During the restructuring of OECD Headquarters (2004-2008), he met Joseph Chafey, assistant manager of the contracting authority on the project. (Little anecdote: Gil is the only representative of the project manager to have followed the project from the competition phase to delivery).

With a shared vision of quantity surveying, he joined AE75 in 2009 as Head of Agency, a position he holds today. He is responsible for management, production planning, establishment and contract management.

To reset the counters, keep calm and manage an agency like AE75 with the multiplicity of projects, Gil gets on his mountain bike each weekend and rides about fifty kilometers.


Our business managers

Annie JORY

Directeur technique  

Patrice FADIER

Directeur d’affaires  
Pôle Etudes


Directeur d’affaires
Pôle Etudes
Ingénieur CNAM (Paris)

Claude NARDI

Directeur d’affaires  
Pôle Travaux


Directeur d’affaires
Pôle Etudes de prix
Ingénieur construction
(Académie d’Odessa)


Chef d’agence AEBretagne

Partenariat avec les écoles

AE75 est partenaire de l'Ecole des Ponts ParisTech et soutient le Mastère Spécialisé® BIM, Conception intégrée et cycle de vie du bâtiment et des infrastructures.

Mecenate and social responsibility of enterprises (CSR)

The Palladio Foundation

Since 2014, AE75 is a patron of the Palladio Foundation. The Palladio Foundation was created in 2008 by players in the real estate industry who are keen to integrate economic, technological, environmental, demographic and anthropological changes that affect the construction of the city.

Today, it brings together all professionals in the field of real estate, the professions concerned with urban issues (energy, environment, digital, transport, etc.), as well as public authorities, the voluntary sector, researchers and the media.

Being at the heart of major real estate projects, AE75 wished to associate itself with the Palladio Foundation and participate in the reflection on the evolution of the city.



AE75 actively supports the actions of UNICEF and in particular the WASH program via the Nuit de l'Eau, a night of solidarity organized in the French swimming pools.

WASH is a long-term development program to make drinking water accessible in primary schools.

The program permits the development and expansion of water sanitation in world zones experiencing difficulty such as Togo where, thanks to donations, thousands of children were able to have access to an invaluable asset: water.



AE75 s'engage pour la sauvegarde des abeilles.

L'abeille est connue pour être le meilleur pollinisateur et possède un rôle fondamental dans la diversité et la qualité de nos fruits et légumes. Pourtant aujourd'hui les colonies d'abeilles disparaissent les unes après les autres en France et dans le monde entier. Et pour cause, elles sont menacées par différents facteurs : pesticides utilisés à outrance, pollution, changement climatique (qui perturbe leur cycle de travail) et le frelon asiatique. Leur protection est essentielle pour notre avenir. AE75 est donc fier d'être impliqué dans leur protection en parrainant une rûche : Aux ruchers du Vexin.


AE75 est mécène de l'association humanitaire Educapeace qui lutte contre l’analphabétisme des enfants dans les zones rurales du Cameroun, l’accès aux soins de santé pour tous, l’eau et l'assainissement.
AE75 a également financé la construction d'un puits d'eau potable dans l'école primaire de Bistsogmam (Cameroun) et a ainsi aidé 152 enfants et 300 habitants.

Economic and environmental expertise

We are particularly sensitive to the evolution of sustainable development in the construction industry.

For these reasons, we have partnered with Green Soluce (Founding Chairman - Nicolas Régnier) to build a new, collective and innovative tool:

"The first decision-making tool, combining economic and environmental expertise, for choosing the best certification of your real estate program".